OBEN Group to expand US BOPA film business

Peru-based Oben Group, a global company specializing in high-quality flexible-packaging solutions, will move toward an important expansion of its biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film business in the US. 

Established in a strategic alliance with AdvanSix, Inc., in 2019, Oben took on the role of producing BOPA film, while AdvanSix managed its commercialization and distribution in the US and Canada. After collaborative discussions, AdvanSix will step back and ultimately exit from the alliance in 2025, and at present AdvanSix will transition its commercial and distribution responsibilities for BOPA film to Oben. 

AdvanSix will continue to support Oben as a key resin supplier. As a result, Oben will become the direct provider for Nylon films starting November 1, 2023. This includes trademarks such as CAPRAN®, CAPRAN PROSHIELD®, and OXYSHIELD®.

 This transition represents a strategic extension of Oben's commercial and distribution reach in North America, intended to better position the company to meet growing demand and improve its service and product portfolio. With over 32 years of experience, Oben Group is a global leader in the flexible-packaging market. It has strategic locations in more than 17 countries and reaches customers in over 40 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Africa.