Label converter Viet Spring opts for Vetaphone corona treater on flexo press

Established 10 years ago in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Viet Spring is a label converter that combines the best of Eastern and Western technology to provide its customers with innovative solutions to their labeling demands.

“We would like to help make our customers’ products stand out from the competition by adding more shelf appeal. With consumer attention so short and shelves so cluttered, products need high visibility to secure a purchase – that’s our aim here,” says Khuyen Pham, Viet Spring sales & marketing director, who leads a team of 30 employees.

PHOTO: Viet Spring’s Khuyen Pham poses with Vetaphone Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific Holger Selenka, and Song Song’s Nguyen Anh Tu (Max).

Production in the 11,000-sq-ft facility is carried out on a variety of rotary and semi-rotary presses, using both letterpress and flexo techniques in up to six colors. Viet Spring manufactures labels for the food and beverage market as well as for the household goods, cookware, electrical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, along with laminated tubes, pop-up labels, peel/reseal, and seals for screw caps.  One lollipop barcode label is produced at a rate of 500,000 per day.

Substrates in daily use include PE, PP, and PET that all need surface treatment to improve ink adhesion, and it was this requirement that brought Vetaphone corona technology to the company’s attention. “We have a cooperative arrangement with a local label printer who has a digital press fitted with a Vetaphone corona treater – and it was on his recommendation that we contacted the manufacturer via its agent for Vietnam, Song Song Co., Ltd.

Speaking for Song Song, Sales & Business Development Manager Nguyen Anh Tu (aka Max) adds, “It was good to sell Viet Spring its first corona treater and see how quickly the company is growing. With film labels so much in demand, the need for high-quality, reliable, surface treatment will continue to grow, and nobody does that better than Vetaphone, who invented the process.”

The order for a VE1A-C 410-mm corona treater with six electrodes was placed in 2021, and it was installed during the COVID-19 pandemic on an Etirama flexo press that Viet Spring currently uses mainly for varnishing, laminating, and finishing. “We have a very discerning customer base that we are keen to build up and keep long-term so have worked hard to gain global industry standards like ISO and HACCP – these are seen as independent marks of our product quality and production efficiency and give our customers assurance of a hassle-free working relationship," says Khuyen Pham.

If business continues to grow at the same pace, Viet Spring will soon need another press and more floorspace, a prospect that excites Khuyen Pham: “Our aim is to build and sustain the business with top-quality customer service supported by the best technology, and Vetaphone is part of our future plans.”