CT flexible-packaging recycler passes the 100-million-lb mark

Connecticut Metal Industries reports that it has recycled over 100 million pounds of flexible-packaging materials at the Ansonia, CT, facility. This plant, opened in 2010 and was set up to recover foil, paper and polymer laminates used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

“Our company began 38 years ago by recycling rigid containers," says CMI Vice President Mary Vulcano. “As flexible packaging made rapid inroads into these markets, we decided to try recycling these flexible materials.”

Initially, the company focused on aluminum-foil laminates. CMI developed a proprietary process that separates aluminum from the paper and plastic substrates. The company soon became a major consumer of foil lidding, laminate pouch materials as well as printed and uncoated aluminum-foil scrap.

In the last decade, Connecticut Metal has expanded to encompass printed and unprinted paper, plastic laminates and tapes. Metal containers from the beverage and aerosol-can industries are still a major part of its recyclable feedstock. CMI remains committed to working with the rapidly developing flexible-packaging industry.

More info: www.ctmetal.com