DWH Technical Topic: Motor storage

By Clarence Klassen, P. Eng.

An article in IEEE Industry Applications, Vol. 19, No. 6, p.75, titled Electric Motor Storage by McElveen, Hillhouse and Miller, discusses storing spare electric motors for long periods.

Bearing damage and stator failures are the most common problems in storing a motor improperly. That is understood as 24 months or longer.

It is important to control temperature and moisture at 10 to 49° C and less than 60% RH. If provided, motor heaters should be energized.

Motor shafts should be rotated periodically. Bearings should be kept lubricated to prevent moisture damage. Vibration should be restricted to under 0.15 in/s. The vibration can drive lubrication out of the bearing. If vibration cannot be reduced, the shaft can be blocked.

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