Converter Papercone Corp. installs KTI ZL Series automatic butt splicer for 100% recycled-content materials

Louisville, KY-based Papercone Corp. has recently completed installation of its new ZL Series automatic butt splicer from supplier KTI.

Papercone, a manufacturer of specialty envelopes and soft packaging, designs and builds its own folding lines in-house. Papercone needed to add capacity, so they approached KTI for a solution that will allow the benefit of shaftless technology and butt splicing as opposed to lap splicing. KTI proposed the ZL Series splicer because it offers many features that can simplify and optimize Papercone's processes. 

The ZL Series Automatic Butt Splicer is the perfect fit for Papercone Corp. as it is designed specifically for use with light paperboard and similar materials.  There are a number of configurations available to accommodate various web widths and materials and the integrated festoon allows for splicing at full line speed. The operator-friendly, single-method splice preparation assures reliable diagonal butt splicing with no overlap. 

Papercone plans to run TerraBoard, its eco-friendly 100% recycled-content material. The ZL Series was chosen for its additional capacity and innovative shaftless technology. The butt splicer’s two cantilevered roll positions feed a continuous supply of material into the press. The integrated storage festoon eliminates the need to stop while changing rolls, saving time and material waste

“KTI has provided us with great solutions for our varied needs in the past. They have worked very well for us over the years," says Tony Darnell, project engineer at Papercone Corp.