Global linerless labeling market growing >18% a year to 2025: new AWA study

While not a new technology, linerless labels have gained significant interest and use in the past eight years. That market is expected to grow 18.4% CAGR through 2025. AWAreness(TM) Report Linerless Labeling 2023 is AWA’s eighth report dedicated to linerless-label technology and markets. It provides an update on new developments, growth areas, and applications for linerless labels.

The adoption and continued interest in this technology are driven by various factors, such as sustainability practices, cost-effectiveness, and advances in application machinery. While linerless labels offer advantages over traditional linered, pressure-sensitive laminate in these areas, they also have some limitations.

Linerless technology represents a small portion of the global label and decorating technology market. However, where the technology’s functionality and capabilities are well-suited, it is providing increasingly accepted benefits and solutions. North America is the largest regional market for linerless labels, accounting for 52% of the global market.