Converting Quarterly - Current Issue

In the 2022 Quarter 2 Issue:

  • Special Market Report: Medical & Pharmaceutical: Flexible structures, sustainability, printed electronics are top trends for tomorrow’s med/pharma packaging; UVC decontamination as a solution for COVID-19 test-kit production; Perforator rewinders for the production of nonwoven wipes: Tips on tension control

  •  The 2022 AIMCAL Awards

  •  R2R Battery Manufacturing: Slot-die coated electrodes: Achieving the highest quality anode and cathode coating

  • Rolls & Rollers: Benefits of using new automation for quick changeovers in web-processing roller systems

  • Web Handling: Applying smart technology for splicing, roll-change productivity on coating & laminating lines

  • Web Handling: Some thoughts on naming and classifying web-handling defects

  • Gravure Printing: Saving energy and CO2 emissions with electrothermal drying systems


Special Bonus Market Report

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