Acucote Expands Sustainable Portfolio with Line of Water Dissolvable Labels

Acucote, a solutions-oriented pressure-sensitive adhesive coating manufacturer, has continued to expand its portfolio of sustainable products with the introduction of a water dissolvable adhesive and two dissolvable paper stocks. 

These new products are designed for any type of application requiring a temporary label. They are ideal for the food service industry, and more specifically food rotation labels.
DS1 is a water-based acrylic emulsion adhesive designed to disperse in either cold or hot water, leaving zero residue. DS1 adheres to metal, HDPE and other LSE plastic containers.  
Acucote’s newest dissolvable papers -- 40# Water Soluble Litho and 47# Water Dissolvable Direct Thermal -- dissolve completely when immersed in water. The combination of DS1 with these dissolvable papers sends less material to the landfill and consumes less energy because the label does not need to be processed in a recycling facility.
According to Earl Curran, vice president business development, “The Acucote Sustainability Team has developed these new products in response to demand from converters and their brand owners for increased sustainable label options. We’re very pleased to expand our portfolio with products that are well suited for the booming food service industry.”
40# Water Soluble Litho and 47# Water Dissolvable Direct Thermal paper are both available with the DS1 adhesive at 60” x 5,000’ with a 5-7 day lead-time.
Acucote’s Application Development Team can source additional dissolvable facestocks if your application requires a custom paper.
Click here to view the full line of Acucote Sustainable options including FSC-approved, biodegradable, recyclable, recycled content and post-consumer waste facestocks. We also offer recyclable, repulpable, environmentally benign, wash off, compostable and biodegradable adhesives as well as FSC-approved, recycled content and post-consumer waste liners.